Welcome to Book Alphas


Hello and Welcome to Book Alphas! We’re Kate and Tina! We’ve been best friends since the fourth grade (when we were nine years old) and we love books and reading so much that we’ve decided to start a blog about it. We’ll be coming to you on Fridays with anything and everything book related that we can think of. We plan on taking turns writing posts, so one week Tina will post and the following week Kate will post and so on.

Hi I’m Kate and I’ve loved reading for as far back as I can remember. One of my favorite fictional characters, Rory Gilmore, once said said “I live in two worlds. One is a world of books.” This very much applies to me. My favorite part about reading is getting lost in a fictional universe. I have a TBR (to be read) list with more books on it than i’ll probably ever get to read but I’m no quitter! My favorite book series is The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison and my favorite book is Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen.  I love reading young adult contemporary and chick lit novels. My favorite authors are Lisi Harrison, Sarah Dessen and Emily Giffin.

Hey everyone, my name is Tina, and books have been basically an essential part of my life since I was little. As you will learn and eventually experience, my favorite book series/ obsession of all time is Harry Potter, so expect to see some highly detailed opinions, reviews, and quotes from me in my posts. I tend to read anything that captures my interest, so the books I will talk about will come from all across the literary spectrum. Some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, Ellen Hopkins, and J.K Rowling. I am super excited to be working on this blog with my best friend, and I hope that you the reader will use this blog not only to your advantage but as a way to deepen your love for reading and learn about some awesome books. Don’t hesitate to comment on posts we write if you agree or disagree with anything that we write (but keep it positive, we are all part of the same book-loving community) or if you have any books that you recently read that you think we would like/ want us to review.

We are so excited to officially launch this blog and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we will like writing it!

Much love,

Your Book Alphas

Welcome to Book Alphas