Hello, I Love You

FullSizeRenderIn the novel by Katie M. Stout, Grace Wilde’s family are stars in country music. Her father is the owner of the hottest record label and her brother, Nathan Cross is one of the hottest singers in county music. Grace has had enough of music, fame and her family. So in order to escape it all, Grace leaves Nashville and goes to a boarding school in South Korea for her senior year of high school. It turns out that Grace’s roommate, Sophie, has a twin brother  who is the lead singer of the insanely popular k-pop band, Eden, and Grace finds her self back in the very same world that she was trying to escape from. When Grace realizes that she had feelings for Jason, it only complicates everything.

I initially bought this book because the author was at a panel at my local bookshop. I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical when i started reading it. I mean, the plot about a girl going off to a foreign country and falling in love is a popular plot in young adult romances lately( Anna and the French Kiss, Isla and the Happily Ever After,  Just One Day, Just One Year, Wish You Were Italian) and after reading several of those, the plot gets to be a bit repetitive. (Yes, I’ve read most of the books I just listed and own all of them, so be on the book out for reviews on them.) And while the plot did appear to me to be basic at first, it was anything but. I found myself not wanting to put this book down.

I loved that this book took place in South Korea; the country was a character in the novel itself.  The descriptions of Seoul made me want to visit South Korea and the descriptions of the food made me seriously crave asian food. The author did a great job. I’m amazed that she wrote the book with out having gone to South Korea because the descriptions were so vivid and on point.

I also liked that I wasn’t able to predict the ending. There was a plot twist about 70 or so pages from the end of the book that actually made me gasp and yell plot twist out loud.

Mostly, I fell in love with Grace, the main character. I feel like I’m not that much like her but I was able to relate to her and I was able to empathize with her. I felt for her and there were times where I just wanted to crawl through the pages of the book to hug her and tell her it’s going to be alright. I’m not able to fully love a book if I don’t fall in love with the main character.

The author also did a good job with the non main characters. They all had their purpose to the story and there wasn’t an excessive amount of them. Grace’s sister, Jane made me laugh. Grace’s roommate, Sophie, is the cutest thing ever and i want her to be my BFF in real life. And while I wasn’t a fan of Jason at first, I grew to love him with Grace, and I love them together.

Something else I found cool was that the author wrote a blog post on her website about what happens to the characters after the book ends. Warning though, that post contains spoliers and you should read it only if you have read Hello, I Love You.

Overall, i enjoyed this book. It was very well written with a good developed plot and characters. I gave  this book 4/5 stars on good reads and defiantly would recommend it to a friend.

Have you read Hello, I Love You? Tell me about what you thought in the commits section!

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Hello, I Love You

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