Love The One You’re With

IMG_5877Like my picture? I tired to go all artsy looking like on those book Instagram accounts. It looks kind of cool if you ask me.

Anyways, this week, i’m very excited about my post because I’m taking about a book by a favorite author of mine, Emily Giffin!

In Love the One You’re With,  Just one hundred days after Ellen had married the love of her life, Andy, she runs in to her exboyfriend, Leo, for the first time in eight years. The encounter is small, but Ellen can’t stop day dreaming about Leo and what night have happened if they hadn’t broken up. The interactions Ellen has with Leo are innocent, nothing really happens. She does not tell her husband about them. Ellen is trying to convince herself that it all means nothing, that she’s with Andy and he’s the one that she loves. But with Leo on the mind. Will she be able to?

Nothing really happens between Ellen and Leo. I felt like the whole time i was reading this novel, I was waiting for something to happen and that there was something lacking in the plot. I had a very difficult time getting in to this novel, a problem I typically don’t have with Emily Giffin’s novels.

I did love the questions that this novels asks, what happens when you can’t let go of the one who got away? and what is considered cheating in a relationship?

The very first thought that occurred to me on the very first page of the very first paragraph of this book is: I love how all her characters have such distinctive voices. I have read five of her seven (I own all seven and will be reading the other two very soon) novels and I am always impressed with the voice of her main characters.

Something I totally loved about this book, it that Emily Giffin totally predicted the Tiger Woods scandal. At one point, while her husband is watching golf, Ellen glances at the TV and wonders how Tiger Woods’ marriage is. This novel was published in 2008 and Tiger Woods admitted to cheating on his wife in December 2009.

Overall, I liked this book, I just didn’t love it. It was good writing and brought up good questions. I felt like at times the plot was dragging on and I just overall couldn’t get in to the story. I think I may have liked it better if it was a short story and not a novel.

I gave this novel a 3/5 stars on good reads because as i stated above, I liked this novel, I just didn’t love it. I don’t necessarily recommend this novel but I do very highly recommend that you check out some of Emily Giffin’s other novels. Something Borrowed and it’s sequel Something Blue were fabulous and Where We Belong is one of my favorite novels.

Much Love,


Love The One You’re With

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