2015 Wrap Up & 2016 Reading Goals

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black backgroundWe can’t believe that it’s already 2016! What? Seriously, where has the time gone? Even though it’s been 2015 for 18 days now, we want to take a second and set our reading goals for 2016 and look back on the awesome reading year that we had in 2015.

2015 Overview:


This year I started off strong in the reading game. I definitely read a lot of books towards the beginning of the year and over the summer. College sadly takes time away from reading, as it did towards the end of 2015. However, the books I did read this year were amazing.


It’s no big secret that I read a lot in 2015. I think that has a huge part to do with that I went to Teen Book con back in April. I’ve always loved reading and I’ve always loved books but something about going to that convention, reignited my love for reading and books. This year, I ended up reading 37 books. This surpassed the reading challenge I set for myself on Goodreads by 17 books.

2016 Reading Goals:


For 2016, I have a pretty generic goal: read more. I have a book or two left in my apartment at school that I have yet to read, and my “to read” list has been growing forever. I finally want to take more time to read, especially while at school because reading is a nice stress relief. There are lots of great places to read in my college town that I want to explore. I think trying to read more will help me achieve these goals (plus help me grow my book collection).


This year, i’ve decided to double the books on my Goodreads challenge from 20 books to 40 books but i hope to read way more than that. With in those 40 books, I plan to finish the Harry Potter series by J.K Rolling (I’m on the second book of the seven). I plan to reread/ finish the Gallagher Girls Series by Ally Carter. I started reading this series when it initially came out when I was in like sixth grade and somewhere along the way, I lost track of what book I was on. I’d love to know what happens and how the story concludes. Also, this year, I am going to try reading one nonfiction book a month, like a biography or a memoir.

We hope your 2015 was fabulous and that your 2016 is even better! What was your favorite book that you read in 2015? Tell us about it so that we can read it in 2016!

Much love

Tina & Kate

2015 Wrap Up & 2016 Reading Goals

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