The Choice

 How far would you go to keep the love of your life alive? That’s the question that Travis Parker has to face. Travis had everything he could want in life, a job he loves, loyal friends and a beautiful lakefront house in the small town he grew up in. He felt no need to have a serious relationship with a woman. Then Gabby Holland moves in next door and everything changes for Travis. What follows next is the years of love that includes marriage and children. Travis reflects as he makes the choice that will change their lives forever.

I wasn’t expecting to like The Choice as much as I did. I picked it up so I could read it before the movie came out today. It was the first Nicholas Sparks book I picked up but it won’t be the first book to movie adaptation of his I see.

I was pleasantly surprised with Spark’s writing style. Third person worked really well with this particular story. I liked how we got to see Travis and Gabby’s thoughts on the same moments while they were happening versus having to wait until a chapter switch off.

I didn’t like Travis or Gabby in the first half of the story. I didn’t click with Gabby’s personality and Travis felt like an archetype. And part one of the book is nothing spatular. It’s the typical love story.

It’s the second half of the story, or part two, that’s what really makes The Choice worth reading. But the first part is needed to make the second part as beautiful as it was.

In other words, I cried. It wasn’t an ugly cry but I wasn’t just misty eyed. I was crying legitimate tears.

I was pretty surprised by the ending. I really didn’t know what way Travis’ choice was going to go. I was just as torn as him. The decision that he makes is something you can’t imagine having to do until you’re in that position yourself.

I can’t wait to see how The Choice looks on the big screen. I’ve really liked all the other Nicholas Sparks book to movie adaptations that i’ve seen but that was without having read the book first. So we’ll see how that goes. I’ll probably go see the movie this weekend.

Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it.

The Choice won’t be the last Nicholas Sparks book I pick up. I have a copy of The Lucky One sitting on my bookshelf that I picked up for really cheep in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble that i’ll probably pick up sooner than later.

I gave The Choice 4/5 stars and I’d reccomend it to fans of Me Before You by Jojo Moyers.

Tell me your thoughts on The Choice in the commit section. Will you be reading The Choice  or seeing the movie? What Nicholas Sparks book should I pick up next? You guys know how I love hearing from you!

Much Love,

Kate ❤

The Choice

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