Me Before You

Before I get in to talking about the book, I’d like to say that it is going to be impossible for me to talk about this book without talking about the ending. If you have not read this book and do not wish to know how it ends, you might not want to read this post. 

In, Me Before You, Louisa Clark has lost her job. As she pretty much supports her family, she is desperate to get another job quickly. So she takes a job as a care taker to Will Traynor, who is in a wheel chair and is unable to move after an accident two years ago. The job is rough for Louisa at first. The hours are long and Will isn’t the friendliest person. She keeps reminding herself that the job is only for six months and that the pay is very good. As a few months go on, Will and Louisa slowly start to develop a friendship. Then one day, Lousia overhears a conversation between Will’s mother and his sister: she learns that Will wants to end his life. That he attempted before and during the summer, he’s going to go to a place in Switzerland where they assist people with ending their life.   And suddenly, a lot of things about Will make since to Louisa, especially her six month contract. She’s upset and almost quits her job. But then, she decides that she wants to show Will that life is worth living and his happiness becomes the most important thing to her.

18 pages in to this book, I figured out that it was going to break my heart.

40 pages in to this book, I figured out how it was going to end, but that was by accident. I was thumbing through the book and started skimming the author interview and saw something about assisted suicide.  I knew right then and there that Will was going to die at the end.

The first hundred pages did move a bit slow but they were necessary to set up for what was going to happen later. Once I got past that point, I couldn’t put it down. And I do think that once I found out that Will was going to die, that did make it harder for me to read. It got better around the hundred page mark once it was introduced in to the story line.

Louisa starts to take Will on these outings. Some go good, some not so good. During these outings is where Louisa and Will start to really bond. It’s where they fall in love. Like I said, I knew Will was going to die. But these outings, their relationship, I started to think that Will might actually change his mind. I stated to feel the same sort of false hope that Louisa starts to feel.

The last 30 pages of this book were very difficult to read. I cried like a baby the whole time I was reading them. There were multiple times that I had to get up and go get tissues. I wasn’t just crying, I was ugly crying.

Te exact point that shattered my heart in to a million pieces? When Louisa told will that she loved him and that she didn’t want to be his care taker but his girlfriend and he told her no because he can’t be the want he wants to be for her.

Want to really add to your tears? Listen to Adele’s song Million Years Ago. I started thinking about it when Will was actually telling Louisa about his plans to end his life.

Me Before You has been made in to a movie and is supposed to come out in June. I’m not sure that’ll go see it. I don’t know if I can handle this heart break all over again.

There’s also a sequel, After You that i’m not sure that i’ll read. I want to see Louisa have a happy ending. I want to see her move on and become something in her life. I’m not sure I can bare to watch her grieving over Will.

The trailer recently came out for the movie. It was two minutes and eighteen seconds and I saw already crying.

I go back and fourth over if I should give Me Before You a four or five star rating. When I initially close the book, I gave it 4/5 stars but when I woke up the next morning, I changed the rating to 5/5 stars. I couldn’t stop thinking about Will and Louisa. And, I realized that if a story is making me feel that much emotion, and made me cry like it did, it deserved 5/5 stars.

Should I read the sequel? Is it going to break my heart too? Did you ugly cry at the end of this book too? Please tell me. I’m dying to discuss it with someone.

Much Love,



Me Before You

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