Truly Madly Famously 


Madly Truly Famously is the sequel to Famous In LoveBy reading this blog post, you might accidentally spoil Famous in Love. I suggest that you read the first book and then come back and read this blog post. Never heard of Famous in Love? You can read my review of it here.

At the End of Famous in Love, Paige made her choice. She choose Rainer and while she knows that she choose wrong, she is happy being Rainer’s girlfriend. Rainer makes Paige feel safe in the crazy Hollywood World. Yet, Paige can’t deny her feelings for Jordan. At a party where Paige and Rainer fight, Paige calls Jordan to come pick her up. The media gets ahold of some pictures that aren’t what they look like and it blows up in the meida. Even though she’s made her choice, Paige is still very much caught in  a love triangle, just like the one in the movie that she, Rainer and Jordan starring in. Only, this is real life, not a movie.

I think I liked Truly Madly Famously even more than I liked Famous in Love and I really liked Famous in Love.I was sucked in to the plot. There nothing better than a good love triangle! Placing it in Hollywood, with fame and paparazzi, just adds to the drama- all for the better.

Something I loved in Truly Madly Famously that Famous in Love was lacking was characters other than Jordan, Paige and Rainer. The addition of Alexis was a great move because it gave Paige someone to help guide her through Hollywood and a friend who gets what she’s going through. Anther thing I really liked about Alexis, was that she had known Rainer and Jordan, long before the story started. It helped give more depth to their characters.

There was so much character growth in Truly Madly Famously. I really enjoyed these characters figure out what they want and what they should do about it. In that process, they learned so much about themselves and the world around them. I really do love all these characters and I want to see them be happy.

When I was reading Truly Madly Famously I thought there was going to be a third one, up until the last page where it seem to end with no loose ends. I was happy with the ending. But when I was playing around on Goodreads, I  saw this:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.29.00 PM

PLEASE LET IT BE TRUE! I’ve really come to love Paige, Rainer, Jordan and Alexis. I would absolutely love to get another story with them. Also, while I was playing around on Goodreads (or procrastinating on doing my homework is a better term) I found out that there’s a novella e-book of Locked the novel turned movie franchise that Paige is starring in. I can’t wait to read it.

Reading the sequel, has made me even more excited for the TV Show adaptation of Famous in Love. I have no idea when it’s going to air or if its even in production but I’m really looking forward to it.

I gave Truly Madly Famously 4/5 stars. I’ve really enjoyed reading this duo and I’ve really come to love Rebecca Serle’s writing style. It won’t be long before I pick up one of her other books. Her book, The Edge of Falling looks amazing!

Have you read Truly Madly Famously or any of Rebecca Serle’s books? Share your thoughts with me!

Much Love,


Truly Madly Famously 

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