img_6632 I wasn’t kidding when I said I enjoyed reading Saige. I ordered Lindsey (and many more since then) on amazon but I didn’t want to wait to read another American Girl Story. So, I went at looked at the American Girl books on my bookshelf and I came across Kailey by Amy Goldman Koss, the one American Girl Book that I own and somehow didn’t read as a child.

Kailey is ten years old. Weather she’s surfing on her boogie board or exploring the tide pools, there’s nothing that she loves more than spending the day at the beach. One day when she’s at the beach she’s sees a sign up from a developer who wants to put up a movie theater. Witch means moving the rock and ultimately loosing the tide pools. So, Kailey comes up with a plan to save her cove.

I loved Kailey’s energy. She was spunky and determined to do what ever it took to save the cove. I also like that she’s a good friend, often thinking about her best friend’s happiness.

Like with Saige I enjoyed the simplicity of the book. I enjoyed that there were no unnecessary characters and no unnecessary subplots. All the characters were well developed and the story concluded with no loose ends.

Kailey Girl of the Year Doll 2003

A thought that occurred to me while I was reading was that Kailey was published in 2003. She was ten years old in the book, and that was 13 years ago, so that makes her 23 today. I wonder where she is now? Personally, I picture her to have gone to  college and Study marine biology, like her mom. I’ll be she’s gone on to be an activist.

I had fun reading Kailey and I really enjoyed reading her story. I gave it 4/5 Stars.

I am no where close to being done with reading American Girl stories! I’ve been having so much fun reading them. I want to read all the stories for the girl of the year and for the newer historical characters. Plus, I want to collect all the original books from when I was a kid. Do you know what ones i’m talking about? The ones where there was six stories.  I don’t like the new beforever bind ups.

Did you ever have any of the girl of the year dolls growing up? I had a few of them, Marisol from 2005,  Nikki from 2007, Mia from 2008 and I just recently bought Isabelle from 2014 off Ebay.

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2 thoughts on “Kailey

  1. I had never heard of American Girl dolls growing up. I knew nothing about them until a catalog was sent to my house when oldest daughter was 2. I thought people were crazy to spend that kind of money on a doll! Then somehow I got hooked, and now I am knee deep in AG dolls and accessories. My daughters and I are both reading Saige, such a great book! I will have to look for Kailey when we are done!

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