Lea Dives In

img_7256Lea Dives In  by  Lisa Yee is the first book in a series of three about American Girl’s 2016 Girl of The Year, Lea Clark.

Lea is ten years old and she could not be more excited to leave her town of St. Louis to go visit her big bother who is studying abroad in Brazil and she’s just as excited about swimming in the ocean for the very first time. Lea wants to be a great traveller, just like her grandmother, Ama, was. But when Lea gets there she has a bad experience with the ocean decides that she’d much rather take pictures of it than swim in it. Also, things with her brother aren’t how she’d hoped they’d be.

I loved reading about Lea. This book is what made me decide that I wanted to buy Lea’s dollht_american_girl_lea_clark_02_jc_151230_16x9_992 for my birthday. Isn’t she beautiful?

Everything I liked about this book, is pretty much the same thing I like about all the other American Girl books i’ve reviewed on this site but i’m going to tell you anyways. I love how simplistic this is. There are no unnecessary side plot lines. This book isn’t trying to be cool and hip to reach out to the target demographic. Lea Dives In, tells an authentic story that girls of all ages can relate to. Something that I really appreciate is that while yes, this book is the first of three, all the loose ends were tied up at the end of the story but you know exactly what to expect in the next book.I liked Lea Immediately and I didn’t want to put her story down.

Some thing specifically I liked about Lea Dives In, is that significance of  the dress the doll comes in as well as her necklace are explained. I think this is something that jumped out at me versus some of the other Girl of the Year books I read because i’ve been eyeballing this doll for quiet sometime. Still, I don’t remember seeing this in the girl of year books for the dolls I have (Marisol 2005, Nikki 2007, Mia 2008 & I have Isabelle from 2014 who i got off ebay this year but I still need to read her books).

Have you read Lea Dives In? Do you have the Lea Clark doll?

Much Love,



Lea Dives In

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