It’s been one year since the very first post went live on Book Alphas. I can’t believe it! Time has really gone by so fast. So, I thought it’s time you get to know me a little better and I thought I’d give you 25 bookish facts about myself.

  1. I hate mass market paper backs. They’re bulky, the font on the page is small and they do not look good on my book shelfs.
  2. It physically pains me to see pages in books dog eared.
  3. I didn’t start reading the Harry Potter books till I was 18.
  4. My favorite genre is contemporary. I’ll read it in young adult and chick lit.
  5. To meet Sarah Dessen, one of my all time favorite authors, I made my Dad take me to Dallas (it was a four hour car trip and totally worth it).
  6. When I was in Elementary School, my favorite books to read were the American Girl Books.
  7. I still regularly read American Girl books (and collect dolls. I’m 20 and have no shame.)
  8. Out of all the books I was required to read in high school, the only one I finished was Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger.
  9. I’ve actually picked up more of J.D Salinger’s works since then.
  10. I have three favorite authors: Lisi Harrison, Sarah Dessen and Emily Giffin.
  11. I buy most of my books from Amazon.
  12. I love cheep books, so I buy a lot of books at the bargain section at Barnes and Noble, Half Price Books and Book Outlet.
  13. My favorite place to read is beach side.
  14. I write a review for every book I read but with only posting one review a week and I read a lot of books so, a book review is rarely up right after I read a book.
  15. I love how pretty rainbow bookshelves look but it makes me uncomfortable thinking that authors and series would be separated on my shelves.
  16. The name of the blog, Book Alphas, is a reference to one of my favorite authors of all time, Lisi Harrison. In her Clique series, the girls are always fighting over who is the Alpha- the leader who is the smartest, prettiest and coolest person of the group. She has a spin off series from the Clique, Alphas. The alphas series is about a group of girls who are all “alphas” and are at a boarding school for the best of the best. Alphas Academy. The purple color of the website is also a reference to The Clique. The main character, Massie Block, finds out that it means royalty and it becomes her favorite color- she even has a purple streak in her hair at one point!
  17. I love the smell of bookstores.
  18. I love to stare at how beautiful my bookshelves are.
  19. I have somewhere around 50 unread books on my shelf.
  20. I have a book buying addiction.
  21. I watch booktube, my favorites are PolandBananaBooks20, Jesse The Reader, A Book Utopia and Katytastic.
  22. My most owned (and i’d even say read) author is Lisi Harrison. I own and have read all 31 of her books.
  23. I’ve always loved reading. In my first grade year book, there’s a picture of me and next to it reads “my favorite thing about first grade is becoming a better reader.”
  24. I regularly go to book signings. I’ve been lucky enough to meet my three favorite authors, Lisi Harrison, Sarah Dessen and Emily Giffin. Some other authors i’ve met are Nicola Yoon, Ally Carter, Jesse Andrews and Gayle Forman.
  25. I’d love to read more short stories.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know about my bookish habits!

Much Love,



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