2017 Reading Goals

In 2015, I had a great reading year, probably my best ever. With that in mind, I set some pretty ambitious reading goals for 2016. If you read last week’s post, you know I achieved zero of those goals.

It may seem silly but I have set reading goals for myself for 2017. I love reading at I was to constantly get better at the things that I love and the only way to achieve that is to set goals for yourself.

  1.  I’m going to read for 30 minutes daily. Even if it means setting a timer for myself like my mom had to do with my daily reading log in grade school. What I realized looking back on 2016, was that I didn’t have the time to read, but I didn’t make the time for it either. I’m going to make time to read because reading is something that I love to do.
  2. I’m setting my goodreads challenge at 30 books. 50 was way too ambitious last year. I read 23 books in 2016 (I didn’t finish my reread of The CliqueI till the first of January), so I feel like 30 is pushing myself to read more and to be realistic about it.
  3. I’m not making any promises but I’d like to finish the other 4 books in the Harry Potter series that I haven’t read yet.

Much Love,


2017 Reading Goals