Sisters in Sanity

Yoimg_7473u probably know Gayle Forman from her books If I Stay or Just One Day, a couple of her more popular books. Sisters in Sanity was her debut novel.

As told on the back of the book, Sisters in Sanity is about “sixteen-year-old Brit Hemphill, it’s hard to know who she can trust. Convinced she’s out of control, her father has sentenced her to red rock: a center for supposedly rebellious teens, where therapy consists of name calling and the girls who get privileges are the ones who rat out their peers.

But then Brit meets V, Bebe, Martha and Cassie- four girls who keep her from going over the edge. Together, they’ll hold on to their sanity and their sisterhood despite the bleak reality.”

Prior to reading Sisters in Sanity I had read three of Gayle’s other books: The two books in the If I Stay duology back in 2014 right before the If I Stay movie came out and Just One Day the first book in the Just One Day duology last summer.

Just like those three books, Sisters in Sanity was super hard to put down and super easy to read. The story was unique and unlike any other book I had read before. I connected with Brit, the main character, right from the start and I was intrigued right from the start. I like how the story started right with the action and weaved in the back story as it went.

I really liked Sisters in Sanity and gave it 4/5 stars. I can’t wait to read more of Gayle’s books.

Much Love,


Sisters in Sanity

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