Isle of the Lost


Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz is the prequel to the Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants.

In The Isle of the Lost, we follow Mal the daughter of Maleficent, Evie the daughter of Evil Queen, Carlos who is Cruella De Vil’s son and Jay the son of Jafar. They live on The Isle of the Lost, and island where all the villains have been banished twenty years ago. It’s protected by a dome that makes leaving, no option and blocks out magic. Carlos thinks that a machine he built could possibly break the dome using science. When he turns on the machine, showing it to Evie, weird things start happening. Including the return of Maleficent’s evil sidekick, Diablo, the crow.Diablo says that the dragon’s eye is somewhere on the island and Maleficent sends Mal to go find it. Mal, enlists the help of Jay, Evie and Carlos to find the dragon’s eye. Will they be able to find it?

I love Disney. I watched the movie last summer when it premiered and thought it was the cutest thing ever. So naturally, I wanted to read the book. Reading this book after watching the movie won’t be confusing (that’s what I did) but reading the book before watching the movie won’t spoil anything. This story take place before the movie starts. In fact, the epilogue of the novel sets up for the movie.

I really enjoyed Mel’s (see what I did there? No, I didn’t come up with it.) writing style. I’m typically not a fan of third person but I found it very refreshing. I liked how the villian’s children were their own unique characters but you could still tell who their parent was.  I also enjoyed the alternating point’s of view between the four main characters. It helped keep up the pace of the story. Another point of view I enjoyed in the story was Prince Ben, of Auradon. He’s the son of Belle and the Beast. It was fun to see the perspective of the life of the princes and princesses of the “good” island and it was his point of view that helps this directly set up for the movie.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun and light read with an interesting take on these classic stories we all know and love. If you love the classic stories of these villains or love the disney movie, this book is a must read, no matter what your age. I rated this book 3/5 stars.

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Isle of the Lost

The One & Only: A Maryellen Classic 1

img_7257Sick of the American Girl book reviews yet? Well, too bad if you are because i’m coming at 1bc1d5232ecc045155b91fa789de7fd9you this week with another one (and there are more to come). This week, I’m telling you about Maryellen, A girl who is growing up in 1954.

First, let’s talk about how adorable this doll is. Her dress is so pretty and those side bangs are just too cute! Especially when reading the story and you learn how they come about. I want this doll and I can’t promise that I won’t buy her at some point during the year…

I don’t know how to start with describing this book because it’s like three stories in one. You get to meet Maryellen and her family, go with her when she starts the fourth grade and spend the holidays with her and her family. Maybe it’s because when I was a kid, the books that went with American Girl dolls was a series of six so I can see where one “book” would have ended and where the next would have started. I know Maryellen is the newest doll in the historical, or beforever (as it’s now called) so her books were never released as a six part series. I don’t like these new bind ups and will not be buying anymore expect for the ones that are only releases in this way, such as Maryellen.So basically, a very valid excuse to be a frequent visitor at half price books!

Maryellen reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. She is obsessed with the movies and television and often pretends that she is a in a TV show. I love her active imagination. Something else I thought was relatable in the book was that like me, Maryellen’s first day of fourth grade was horrible. I loved reading about all her siblings and all their such distinct personalities.

I didn’t like how this was written in third person. It’s not something that took away from the story but is a personal preference in writing style. Also, I didn’t like how all the other family members are mentioned and have distinct personalities but Maryellen’s dad is barely mentioned- I think though that just has a lot to do with how families were in the 1950’s. The dad worked and that was pretty much all he did- provide for the family.

Overall, I had a fun time reading about Maryellen and I can’t wait to read her second set of stories. I gave The One and Only: A Maryellen Classic 1 4/5 stars.

What do you guys think about American Girl’s rebranding of the historical characters?

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The One & Only: A Maryellen Classic 1

Lea Dives In

img_7256Lea Dives In  by  Lisa Yee is the first book in a series of three about American Girl’s 2016 Girl of The Year, Lea Clark.

Lea is ten years old and she could not be more excited to leave her town of St. Louis to go visit her big bother who is studying abroad in Brazil and she’s just as excited about swimming in the ocean for the very first time. Lea wants to be a great traveller, just like her grandmother, Ama, was. But when Lea gets there she has a bad experience with the ocean decides that she’d much rather take pictures of it than swim in it. Also, things with her brother aren’t how she’d hoped they’d be.

I loved reading about Lea. This book is what made me decide that I wanted to buy Lea’s dollht_american_girl_lea_clark_02_jc_151230_16x9_992 for my birthday. Isn’t she beautiful?

Everything I liked about this book, is pretty much the same thing I like about all the other American Girl books i’ve reviewed on this site but i’m going to tell you anyways. I love how simplistic this is. There are no unnecessary side plot lines. This book isn’t trying to be cool and hip to reach out to the target demographic. Lea Dives In, tells an authentic story that girls of all ages can relate to. Something that I really appreciate is that while yes, this book is the first of three, all the loose ends were tied up at the end of the story but you know exactly what to expect in the next book.I liked Lea Immediately and I didn’t want to put her story down.

Some thing specifically I liked about Lea Dives In, is that significance of  the dress the doll comes in as well as her necklace are explained. I think this is something that jumped out at me versus some of the other Girl of the Year books I read because i’ve been eyeballing this doll for quiet sometime. Still, I don’t remember seeing this in the girl of year books for the dolls I have (Marisol 2005, Nikki 2007, Mia 2008 & I have Isabelle from 2014 who i got off ebay this year but I still need to read her books).

Have you read Lea Dives In? Do you have the Lea Clark doll?

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Lea Dives In

Most Owned Authors

Hey Guys! For today’s post, I thought I’d do something a little different and give you a look at my bookshelves! So, i’m, going to share with you the top ten authors I own the most books from!

Isn’t my book shelf beautiful(to the left)? I absolutely love it. From all my beautiful books to my WWE figures proudly displayed on top, it’s my favorite thing in my bedroom, if not even in my whole house. I mean, just look at it in all it’s beauty! I have no shame in admitting that sometimes I just stare at it.


10.) J.K Rolling

Who doesn’t have at least one Harry Potter book on their shelf? I have four of them! I plan to buy the rest of the series as I read them. Fun Fact: I didn’t start reading Harry Potter books until I was eighteen. And I’m on the fourth book, so no spoilers.

9.) Joanna Philbin

I read the daughter’s books as they came out. The very first one, I read in 2010 and it’s been a story that’s stuck with me. I still think about Lizzie and her modeling adventures.I have the four books in the Daughter’s series.

8.) Gayle Foreman

I read If I Stay before the movie came out a few summers ago BUT it had been on my list of books i’d been needing to read forever. I read it in one sitting, finishing it at two in the morning and then I went and found my e-reader that I never use and bought the sequel and finished it the next day. I was lucky enough to meet Gayle at Teen Book Con the same year I met Ally Carter. She was key note speaker and her speech was amazing. I have four of Gayle’s books.

  • Sisters in Sanity
  • If I Stay
  • Just One Day
  • Just One Year

7.) Jenny Han

CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT AND TALK ABOUT THAT THERE IS GOING TO BE ANOTHER BOOK ABOUT LAURA JEAN. I’m excited, can’t you tell? I really love that character. I have four of Jenny’s books.

6.) John Green

Who doesn’t own or read at least one John Green book? He’s like the most known YA author around these days. I have 5 of John’s books

  • Looking for Alaska
  • An Abundance of Katherines
  • Paper Towns
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Will Greyson, wil greyson (Co-written with David Levithan)

5.) Ally Carter

I started reading Ally Carter when I was in middle school. Those were some of the first books I was really excited about reading. I’m excited to pick the series back up, hopefully sometime soon. I was lucky enough to meet Ally at Teen Book Con 2015 and it was a fan girl moment. I have seven of Ally’s books.

  • The Heist Society
  • The Gallager Girl Series
    • If I Told You I Love You, The I’d Have to Kill You
    • Cross my Heart and Hope to Spy
    • Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover
    • Only the Good Spy Young 
    • Out of Sight Out of Mind
    • United We Spy

4.) Emily Giffin

I discovered Emily Giffin last summer when Where We Belong  was recommended to me on Goodreads. I’d actually already had Something Borrowed because it was my mom’s. I decided to give it a read before I bought Where We Belong. I loved it and ended up reading all of her novels by the end of 2015.  I have all of Emily’s novels, seven in total, that are out and I am dying for her newest book that comes out at the end of June, First Comes Love.

3.) Lauren Conrad

I have almost all of Lauren Conrad’s books! I read them thorught high school as they were coming out. I got to meet her my sophomore year in high school when she went on a book tour for The Fame Game. I’ve been meaning to pick up her newest book Celebrate since it came out this past march. I have eight in total.

  • The L.A Candy Series
    • L.A Candy
    • Sweet Little Lies
    • Sugar and Spice
  • The Fame Game Series
    • The Fame Game
    • Starstruck
    • Infamous
  • Style 
  • Beauty

2.) Sarah Dessen

I love Sarah Dessen’s books almost as much as I love Lisi Harrison’s. It’s funny how she comes in as my second most owned author. I started reading her books at the end of my junior year and high school. I love her books. Heck, I drove four hours to meet her last spring when Saint Anything came out. I have all of Sarah Dessen’s Novels, there are twelve in total, plus a short story.

  • That Summer
  • Someone Like You
  • Keeping the Moon
  • Dreamland
  • This Lullaby 
  • The Truth About Forever 
  • Just Listen
  • Lock & Key
  • Along for the Ride
  • Infinity (Short Story)
  • What Happened to Goodbye
  • The Moon and More
  • Saint Anything

1.) Lisi Harrison

It’s funny how she comes in at my most owned author because she’s my favorite author. I started reading Lisi’s book in 2009 the summer between my seventh and eight grade years of middle school. I got to meet her in 2010 and it’s still one of the happiest days of my life. I can’t fully express how much I love this woman. I own all of the books that Lisi has written. That’t 32 books. So i’m not going to list those out like I did with all of the other books but I will list out the series.

  • The Clique Series including The Summer Collection, The Cliquetionary, The Clique Prequel Charmed and Dangerous The Rise of the Pretty Committee and The graphic novel adaptation of The Clique.
  • The Alphas Series
  • The Monster High Series
  • The two books from out from the Pretenders Series

I hope you liked this! I’ve been brain storming on things I could post other than book reviews, just to change things up a bit! If you have any ideas on some posts I could do, please tell me!

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Most Owned Authors